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Wooden Busy Board For Toddler - Green

Wooden Busy Board For Toddler - Green

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The busy board develops thinking to help your baby be smart.

Early education supplementing early life skills for babies is a necessary thing. According to Mrs. Montessori, like the brain, babies also develop the ability to play in stages. Choosing appropriate toys will naturally help them learn through experience, making them more intelligent and confident.

The busy board is a great educational toy for one year upward. It helps children excitedly play and learn with locks, latches, buttons, gears, screws, and keys from metal and wood. The busy board is a creative tool for enhancing children's learning skills. Simple interactions will make your baby enjoy playing.

The games are integrated on the same board with many eye-catching themes, shapes, and colors, stimulating the baby's thinking. The Busy boards help keep your baby's hands busy while allowing your child to learn to solve problems and gain confidence as they conquer each game.

*Sensory activities in Busy board:

  • Shoelace
  • Bunch of beads
  • Velcro tape
  • Gear
  • Labyrinth
  • Button
  • Clock
  • Buckle
  • Chaplet
  • Zipper
  • Cloud

* Main benefits of Busy board:

Improve concentration and memory.

Stimulating learning through experiences.

Develop fine motor skills.

Encourage critical thinking.

Shape recognition.

The concept of time.


Practice patience.

Build children's confidence.

Develop logical thinking.

Discover how to hold fingers, and control objects.

Physical thinking.

The Busy boards are an excellent gift for New Year's Eve, birthdays, baby's welcome, New Year's Eve, and Christmas. It is the kind of gift you can pass on from generation to generation. 

* Information:

  • Products are certified CPC (Children's Product Certificate) and safe for babies.
  • Busy Manual Table.
  • High-quality, natural plywood.
  • All the details are fastened.
  • Size: 39*29CM.
  • Water-based paint is safe for babies.
  • All edges are rounded and sanded, and polished, as we care about the safety of children's little hands during play.

Size: 29 * 39cm.

+Shipping price: 10$

+Shipping time: from 5-10 days (excluding holidays)

All materials are safe. We do not use hazardous materials.




All materials are safe. We do not use hazardous materials.


Ship from Vietnam
+Shipping price: 10$

+Shipping time: from 5-10 days (excluding holidays)

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