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Bunny Boo

Visual Stimulation Flashcards

Visual Stimulation Flashcards

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Absolute baby-safe products.

Handmade busy boards.

Size: 29*39cm.

Material: Premium plywood.

Printed with UV printing technology, absolutely safe for children.

All details are fastened and safest.

All corners are rounded and smoothed and polished, as we care about children's little hands being safe during play

All materials are safe. We do not use hazardous materials.


Play is an important part of a child's development. Baby toys are an essential tool to help children play and learn at the same time. Many parents ask if the Farm Garden Busy Board is a toy for girls or boys.

The Farm Garden Busy Board teaches children how to name animals, and parents can play with them by adding animal cries such as: "chicken cluck cluck"... it sounds simple, but this is the beginning. Regular practice will help your child use the language a lot better.

Each character and detail of the board has its path or interaction to help children easily disassemble and quickly memorize.

Explore the world.

Parents play with their children, and you can also create your own story about the activities on the farm. So it can be said that this toy is suitable for girls and boys.

They are designed to develop a child's fine motor skills and provide opportunities for toddlers to explore their surroundings. The best way to give your child the whole experience of the space of 1 farm garden, even if he lives in the city, is to provide him with a BUNNYBOO Farm Garden Busy Board.

Farm Garden Busy Board is an excellent gift for full-year occasions, birthdays, baby welcomes, International Children's Day, and Christmas. This is the kind of gift you can pass on from generation to generation.

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Material: Foam fabric.



Material: Foam fabric.


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