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Bunny Boo

Traffic Vehicle Busyboard

Traffic Vehicle Busyboard

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Most children are interested in exploring the names of vehicles. The BUNNYBOO vehicles puzzle
board is an excellent addition to their toy collection.
Busy board smart puzzle vehicles inspired by Montessori educational methods. Children can play
on their own. However, BUNNYBOO encourages parents to play with their children so that the
game becomes more exciting and makes sure your child will develop comprehensively.
How Busy board puzzle toys will transportation help your baby?
⭐Help children develop life skills by getting to know and learning about the surrounding vehicles.
Parents can show children the characteristics, uses, and how to use some of them.
⭐Practice intentional observation and memory skills for children.
⭐The details are easily disassembled, helping children develop grip skills of the index finger and
thumb, perfecting fine motor skills.
⭐The details on the board are designed to be eye-catching. The colors stand out, stimulate
hearing and make children excited to play.
⭐High-quality MDF wood material, water-based ink is absolutely safe.
⭐Size: 29*39cm.
⭐Granted ISO 9001 certification.



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