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Home Skill Development Busy Board For Montessori

Home Skill Development Busy Board For Montessori

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The busy board is a perfect practical educational toy for kids from 1 year upward. The Busy board
promotes excitement while playing and learning with locks, latches, buttons, gears, screws, keys,
etc., from metal and wood. A busy board is a creative tool for improving children's learning skills.
Simple interactions will make your baby enjoy playing.
The games are integrated on the same board with many eye-catching, thought-provoking themes,
forms, and colors. Busy boards help keep their hands busy while allowing your child to learn how
to solve a problem and be confident in conquering it.
1. Main benefits of a busy board:
⭐Improves concentration and memory.
⭐Stimulate learning through experiences.
⭐Develop good motor skills.
⭐Encourage critical thinking.
⭐Shape recognition.
⭐The concept of time.
⭐Practice patience.
⭐Build your child's confidence.
⭐Develop logical thinking.
⭐Discover how to hold fingers, and control objects.
⭐Physical thinking.
⭐Busy boards are a great gift for Baby’s 1 st Birthday Party, Birthday, Baby Shower, Children's Day,
Christmas, etc. This kind of gift you can pass from generation to generation.
2. Product information.
• Products certified to ISO 9001.
• Manual busy board.
• Premium MDF.
• Coated with water-based paint that is safe for children.
• All details are fastened and safe.
• To make a unique gift for you and your child, BUNNYBOO can design a proper name for them.
• Size: 39*59CM.
• Every corner is rounded, ground, and polished, as we are concerned that the child's little hands
are safe during play.
• All materials are safe. We do not use hazardous materials.



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