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Critical Thinking Development Busy Board

Critical Thinking Development Busy Board

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The Busy boards are the perfect practical educational toy for kids from 1 year upward. The Busy
board helps children get excited to play and learn with locks, latches, buttons, gears, screws, keys,
etc., from metal and wood. A busy board is fun and a creative tool to improve children's learning
skills. Simple interactions will make your baby enjoy playing.
The games are integrated on the same board with many eye-catching, thought-provoking themes,
forms, and colors. The Busy boards help keep your baby's hands busy while allowing your child to
learn how to solve problems and be confident in conquering each game.
1. Main benefits of the Busy board:
⭐ Improves concentration and memory.
⭐Stimulate learning through experiences.
⭐Develop good motor skills.
⭐Encourage critical thinking.
⭐Shape recognition.
⭐The concept of time.
⭐ Problem-solving.
⭐Practice patience.
⭐Build your child's confidence.
⭐Develop logical thinking.
⭐Discover how to hold fingers, and control objects.
⭐Physical thinking.
⭐Busy boards are a great gift for Baby's 1 st Birthday Party, Birthday, Baby Shower, Children's Day,
Christmas, etc. This kind of gift you can pass from generation to generation.

2. Product information:
• Products certified to ISO 9001.
• Manual busy board.
• Premium MDF.
• Coated with water-based paint that is safe for children.



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