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Cloth Book

Cloth Book

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Set of 4 books:

Smiley Face Visual Stimulation Cloth Book

Hand Visual Stimulation Cloth Book

Color Squares Visual Stimulation Cloth Book

Black and White Visual Stimulation Cloth Book


Size: 12cm * 12 cm.


Number of Pages: 4 pages – 8 sides


Weight: 100 grams.



Origin: Products are designed and manufactured in Vietnam


Age Range: For babies from 3 to 6 months old.




+ Smiley Face Visual Stimulation Cloth Book is an early educational cloth book for babies, helping newborn babies develop their vision.


+ The patterns in the book show smiling faces that make children enjoy, imitate, and help children early recognize emotions.


+ The sound of rustling when opening a book with a bit of squeaky sound helps children develop hearing.


+ Develop your baby's gross motor skills through flipping operations.


+ Stimulate children's hand-eye coordination.


+ Long-lasting use value. Children are free to hold and chew without being torn.


+ The fabric does not stretch and fade during use.




+ Reading is a habit that parents should create and encourage their children before they are 1-year-old. Reading is how children develop a learning mindset most comprehensively.


+ The most pleasant time to show your baby a book is before bedtime, when he has eaten well, bathed, enjoyed himself, or lying in the arms of his parents.


+ Before showing your child the book, grab the book, and make a rustle to attract the baby's attention.  


+ You can hold your baby in your lap, let him lie down, or sit in the most comfortable position. The distance from the baby's eyes to the book is about 30cm. While watching the picture, the mom reads aloud the name of the picture in the book (both visually stimulating and auditory stimulation), shows it to the baby for 20 seconds, then changes to another page.


Example: Look at this. This is a smiley face. Then read "Smile" aloud.

These eyes are black. Read aloud ''Black''...


+ Let your child feel excited every time you read a book. Please put aside other tasks, and spend 15 to 30 minutes focusing on reading with your child.



Material: Thermal transfer printing on fabric.


Ship from Vietnam
+Shipping price: 10$

+Shipping time: from 5-10 days (excluding holidays)

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