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Build Nerve Connections in the Brain

Parents can be quite dismissive about sensory experiences as a form of play.  They do not realize the full potential of sensory activities.  These things can have a huge impact on the physical development of your baby’s brain.

Farm Garden Busy Board

Play is an important part of a child's development. Baby toys are an essential tool to help children play and learn at the same time. Many parents ask if the Farm Garden Busy Board is a toy for girls or boys..

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Enhances and Strengthen Memory

It is important to understand the importance of sensory play in relation to your baby’s brain development.  His memory is enhanced through practice.  So, let him practice and practice more.  Let him interact with different textures, tastes, and smells.  Let him use his senses in order to strengthen and build his cognitive and motor memories.

  • Visual Stimulation Flashcards

    Flashcards Visual Stimulation is an early education product,
    a tool for natural visual stimulation that positively impacts the infant's
    cognitive, learning, and remembering abilities.

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  • Smiley Face Visual Stimulation Cloth Book

    Smiley Face Visual Stimulation Cloth Book is an early educational cloth book for babies, helping newborn babies develop their vision.The patterns in the book show smiling faces that make children enjoy, imitate and help children early recognize emotions.

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  • Hand Visual Stimulation Cloth Book

    Hands Visual Stimulation Cloth Book is an early educational cloth book, that helps newborn babies develop their vision, familiarize themselves with basic colors, imitate
    movements, and train baby's ability to concentrate.

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  • Black and White Visual Stimulation Cloth Book

    Black and white visual stimulation cloth book is an early educational cloth book for children, a tool to stimulate the baby's natural vision, positively impacting the ability to perceive, learn and remember

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